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Mercedes Benz A Class- the small car for India soon

The German luxury car maker Mercedes Benz is all set to bring on Indians roads its small car, the A Class Mercedes Benz in a couple of years. The car which needs no introduction and is the epitome of luxury and style, the Mercedes is seeing India as a great market in the growing scenario for small car segment. This A Class will be the company’s entry level car in the country ready to woo its customers in the small car segment.

The A Class by Mercedes will be lower priced, taking into consideration the line of competition as felt by the company. However the company has been trying to launch this car for almost a decade now but kept delaying it due to pricing considerations. The company was in doubts whether such a high priced car will get enough takers here in India.

But this time the company is very optimistic and according to Mr. Peter Trettin, President and CEO of Daimler, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, “in the region I look after, India is a growth market and demand is growing because the economy is growing.’ He further added, “The competition is heating up in the small car segment in India and it is the right time to explore this opportunity.”

According to auto experts, however the car is anticipated to be priced in the range of Rs. 16-20 lakh. Many big auto makers also have in the past, withdrawn the idea of launching such cars in India due to the pricing concerns. BMW did the same and deferred launching the Mini in India.

Launching high end small car has always been seen as a risky business proposition in India. But now India shows a perfect ground for such cars, thanks to its growing economy which led to a similar growth in the demand for such cars.

Mercedes A Class has always enjoyed the reputation of being a great car with amazing looks and charm together with comfort and style. It delivers excellent on-road handling and manages to get around corners without too much fuss. It boasts of spacious interiors, proven engines, high grade material usage and drive trains that make it truly a premium car.