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Mercedes Benz AMG Desert Gold Car Review, New Car price at Rs 2 Crore

Mercedes Benz AMG Desert Gold Price in India

Mercedes-Benz AMG Desert Gold car review says that this premier car is being modified to a right hand version to make it suitable for the Indian road. The car that is priced at around Rs 2 crore is likely to hit the Indian market sometime later this year. Apart from this car this premier company also showcased two new cars namely SLS AMG Desert Gold as well as hatchback coupe.

With rising prosperity levels in India Mercedes-Benz India Managing Director Wilfried Aulbur is optimist about the reception of the car. He feels that there will be many takers owing to the superior quality of the car. In fact this German automaker has been doing brisk business in India last year and is likely to post double digit year end growth.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Desert Gold car review reveals that the car has myriad features which include a long bonnet and a passenger compartment which is close to the real estate. The car has a rear which is short and also has a SLS AMG which has the features of a gas door. These doors are likely to open upwards as soon as gas strut.

Moreover unlike SLR they will not open upward and forward. However the doors do not have an auto closing facility and needs to be closed manually. Experts said has the auto closing facility been added it would have added an extra 41 kg to the car.

A significant feature of the car is that in case of roll over the doors can be completely detached. This would ensure safety of the passengers. Despite the pricing the car, its manufacturers hope, is likely to get warm reception owing to its quality features.