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McLaren MP4 12C in India: car features and specifications at a glance

McLaren MP4-12C is a high performance sports car that is ready to roll the Indian roads very soon. The MP4 -12C represent everything from Formula-1 inspired engineering, amazing design and absolute efficiency.

McLaren MP4-12C is the first in the range of high-performance sports car by McLaren Automotives that has incorporated its twenty years experience of designing sports car together with rich inspirational success of Formula 1 driver Ron Dennis who is the chairman of McLaren Automotives.

Now here is an insight into the nomenclature of MP4-12C. Well MP4 is the designation for chassis to all the McLaren F1 cars designed since 1981. It signifies McLaren Project 4 that is a result of the merger between Ron Dennis Project 4 organization with McLaren.

The ‘12’ of McLaren MP4-12C stands for overall performance index used as a benchmark to rate the car’s performance against the rivals as well as its own cars. The ‘C’ highlights the unique application of carbon fiber technology, the Carbon Monocell, to the McLaren sports cars.

McLaren MP4-12 C is a beast on the tracks with 3.8L M838T twin-turbo V8 engine that has 600 HP and 600 Nm of torque. Now before you swallow that lump, the car can reach the speed from 0 to 60mph in less than 3.5 seconds. And has a top speed of over 200km/h.

The power of the car is of little significance if the car weighs heavy. A carbon fiber chassis helps to maintain the weight of the car as low as possible. The Carbon Monocell technology incorporated by McLaren from the aerospace industry to the first ever F1 car makes it more powerful, lighter and safer. There are very less car manufacturers that offer such a technology to their affordable car segment.

But now McLaren has moved a step forward by bringing the one-piece moulding of the Monocell that brings carbon composite chassis to its core category.

McLaren also boasts of manufacturing the fastest production road car in history. The company aims to sale 1000 units in 2011. It is also interesting to note that McLaren is the only manufacturer to win the three prestigious motor sports events namely F1 World Championship, Le Mans and Indianapolis 500.