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McLaren MP4-12C in India: the super car with super features

McLaren MP4-12C Supercar is the company’s first ever supercar in the high-performance range which is soon going to hit the Indian sports car market. The Formula 1 fanatics swear by the car’s design, production and engineering which are the perfect combination of twenty years of experience of McLaren Group.

Ron Dennis who left F1 racing and is now the chairman McLaren Group also lends his F 1 experience and introduced new standards of safety, performance, economy, handling and ride. It is seen as a potent mix of race car and road car technology.

The inside of the McLaren MP4-12C is powered by a bespoke McLaren M838 3.8L, V8 twin-turbo engine capable of producing 600bhp. The seven speed dual clutch gearbox (SSG) and its unique Carbon Monocell technology sets new standards of power and efficiency for McLaren.

The company understands that the weight of the vehicle is the decisive factor that affects acceleration, handling, speed, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption and therefore several design dynamics are introduced in the car such as Brake steer that has aluminum hubs cutting the weight of the car by 8 kilograms, lightweight exhaust pipes, carbon fiber chassis and rear engine cooling radiators.

McLaren MP4-12C has a top speed of over 200mph and is capable of reaching 0-62mph in just over three seconds. MP4 represents the racing bloodline of McLaren Formula 1 cars since 1981 which stands for a merger of McLaren with Project 4 organization of Ron Dennis. ‘12’ is the internal vehicle performance index which rates the key performance areas such as, power, weight, aerodynamics and emission.

‘C’ is for the revolutionary Carbon Monocell that was offered by the company from aerospace industry to be introduced to road car application and McLaren F1 was the first ever road car to be constructed of carbon fiber back in 1993 followed by Mercedes Benz SLR.

“We have an incredibly dedicated team at McLaren who continue to drive this company to ever greater achievements, and the 12C represents the passion within, as the first of this new range of performance cars from McLaren,” said Ron Dennis.

McLaren aims to build around 1000 units in the year and is expected to be seen in Brazil and China very soon.


like THE ARTICLE, great post
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like THE ARTICLE, great post
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What will be the approx. price tag for this in India.
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