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Matrix Online Game Review with Free Play online and Free Download

In  The Matrix Game review The good points of The Matrix Free Online Game, Bad points of The Matrix Free Online game, The Matrix Free Online Game introduction, The Matrix Free online game plot and The Matrix Free Online Game overall experience have been presented.

The Matrix: Good Points

  • Movie based characters
  • Good graphics
  • Wide choice of weapons
  • Simple and easily understandable setup

The matrix: Bad Points

  • Game is easy to play.
  • There are not many missions available, this reduces the playtime greatly.

The Matrix: Introduction

In this very intriguing action arcade game that has been inspired by the movie of the same name the player plays the main character from the movie and the main task is to complete as many missions as possible in the least amount of time so that a high score is attained that is unbeatable.

The matrix offers a wide choice of weapons and very good graphics ensure that the overall gaming experience is full of action and like the movie.

The matrix: Game plot Top Online Games for You.

In the game the player plays the role of neo and the mission is to jump from floors on buildings and killing agents on the way using a wide variety of weapons etc that can be used to get the job assigned to be done.

The matrix game is a perfect adaptation of the movie and is indeed a benchmark for all the action packed games in the same category.

The overall experience is thrilling except that the number of missions are very less thereby reducing the playtime greatly, but otherwise the gaming experience is above average and the ci=ontrols are easy to understand.

The Matrix Free Download: To enjoy this unique online game Free online click on the link below.

Link: http://www.freeonlinegames.com/fighting-games/matrix-rampage.html


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