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Mataji healthy for 65 yrs without food and water, special yoga played key

India is no doubt a country of miracles and it has been proved yet one more time with a yogi who has claimed to not have eaten a grain of food or consumed a drop of water for the past 65 years! Sounds unbelievable but believe it as many already have including a research team of 30 doctors who have performed several tests on Prahald Jani for 15 days.

Popularly known as ‘Mataji’ this 82 years old yogi is enjoying sound health and it seems he is healthier than any other old man of his age without consuming food and water. The ‘Miracle man’ revealed his secret to sound health in an interview with a news channel and said that he is been practicing a special type of yoga that has enabled him to survive without food and water for so long and also said that any other normal man could do the same.

The yogi with a white beard and saffron robe has managed to stun people specially doctors and researchers from across the globe and has created quite a stir. Mataji’s body fail to give any signs of ill health or malfunction and the results of various tests conducted over him are absolutely normal.

These tests were conducted from April 22, 2010 and were carried on for 15 days and to the surprise of the 30 doctors all his vital organs including the heart are functioning normal. According to a member of the team of medical experts, “During the tests we found that in Prahalad Jani’s bladder, the amount of liquid fluctuates even when he does not pass urine.”

The doctors were amazed to find that Mataji’s nerve conduction that revealed a normal functioning of the nervous system which is very unlikely to be found in persons of his age. His ECG is also normal. Among the other tests that were conducted on him were hematology, hormone profile and bio-chemistry.


Mataji healthy for 65 yrs without food and water
For other people this is a miracle, Mataji healthy for 65 yrs without food and water, but for the people who practice Hinduism this event is not that surprising since they have really powerful rituals that this is no longer different.
Posted by Amihan
can be true
thats why he is called as mataji since then
Posted by bhushan
How it can be true
in todays world is it possible, when no one is left without being prone to any stress or problems
Posted by Shatabdi
blesed with causeless mercy of Shri Durgadevi
Hey frnds noneed to much stres on the matajis survival heis above ourcapacity to undrstnd him but here is the truth some brmhachari devotes met mataji seeking the secrt without any selfish motive,he revealed that at age of 13 hegot darshn of durgaji
Posted by Navin
Ram Dev Baba
Why not Ram Dev Baba did the same, as he knows Yoga.. from face to feet.
Posted by Ritesh