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Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano: launch, Price, Features, Specifications Review

Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano: price in India

Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano: Launch, Price, Features, Specifications Review: Maruti Suzuki Cervo is the latest offering of the country’s top automobile maker Maruti in the small car segment. With the success of Maruti Suzuki 800 that has made Maruti the top and the most dominant player of the compact car segment, the company aims to get back into the race of small car segment once again with the launch of Maruti Suzuki Cervo.

The new small car Maruti Cervo bears the renowned Maruti logo and decades of experience of the company in small car segment. But given the fact that Tata Motor’s Nano has taken the small car segment by storm with its aggressive ‘one lac rupee’ price tag Cervo will have lots to prove.

If we see a comparison on features and specification between Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano small cars in the Indian automobile segment, Maruti Suzuki Cervo and Tata Nano we find that both the vehicles are powered by MPFI petrol engine. A 660 cc engine powers the Cervo while for the Nano it is a little less powerful engine i.e. 624 cc.

The Maruti Suzuki car Maruti Cervo has a 3 cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder while Nano has a 2 cylinder engine. Power wise we can say Maruti Suzuki Cervo is more powerful with maximum torque of 54 bhp @6500 rpm as against Nano that delivers 34.5 bhp @5250 rpm. Cervo produces a maximum torque of 64Nm @3500 rpm while Nano produces a maximum torque of 48Nm @3000 rpm.

A comparison between the mileages of Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano reveals that Tata is still the leader when it comes to better mileage. Tata Nano offers a mileage of 20 kmpl and Maruti also claims that Cervo will offer a similar mileage but it looks a little difficult task given the fact that the car is powered by a bigger engine. But you never know with a Maruti car even such a mileage could become possible.

Now one of biggest and the most important deciding factors in this blow by blow comparison between Martu Suzuki Cervo and Tata Nano will be the price. We know that Tata Nano started its journey in the country with a price tag of one lac rupees and we also know that this price tag has been revised thrice ever since it was launched, so in a way Nano is no more a one lac rupee car and has almost reached Rs.1.4 lac after a couple of price revision and feature enhancements.

On the other hand Maruti Cervo is available at starting price of Rs. 1.50 lac. Maruti Cervo was never pitted as a cheap car and we have been hearing about the price tag to fall between Rs. 1.5 to 2 lac. Maruti that has earlier launched the Cervo in Japanese market and has enjoyed its success there will launch Cervo in India with some reduced features than the original model in order to make it cheaper here.

Nevertheless it would be interesting to see whether Maruti Cervo or Tata Nano will be the next top small car in India when Maruti Suzuki launches Cervo hopefully in December in year.

Official site of Maruti Cervo:Official site of TATA Nano: http://tatanano.inservices.tatamotors.com/tatamotors/


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Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano: launch, Price, Features, Specifications Rev
Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano: launch, Price, Features, Specifications Review it's an interesting topic comparison between two new trends. Both old good brands.choice up to you..
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Power Window
Maruti Cervo having power window or not.
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what will be the groud clearance. If it will be less than 160 mm, it will not be that much of a hit.
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