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Maruti A star cars recalled for faulty fuel pump gasket and O Ring

Maruti Suzuki, the Indian subsidiary of Suzuki Motors Limited followed Toyota by recalling more than 100,000 units of a recently launched hatchback A-Star. Maruti’s A-Star has already gained huge popularity thanks to its engine performance, pickup, fuel economy, stability and unique looks.

Maruti said that it planned to recall the Maruti A star units produced before August 22, 2009 due to a faulty fuel pump gasket and O-ring .The Company also quoted that it is changing the fuel pump gasket for free of cost. The problem of fuel leakage might arise if it is filled to the brim. However this is a preventive action taken by Maruti.The ace car maker has not received any complaints from the customers until now.

Looking at the positive side of this decision, it assures its loyal customers that Maruti has really taken a leap as far as quality of the product is concerned. Gone are the days when only sales figures were applauded.Maruti with this move has proved that it is indeed an A Star Multi National Company with the prime focus on service/quality in true sense.

Maruti holds more then 50% market share in India and has been known for its vast network of dealers and customer services. It has been rated as the best company in terms of delivering value and services to the customers from the last many years. This recall has come as a surprise to the stakeholders.

Maruti has been projecting its K-star engine series. By roping in brand ambassadors like Farhan Akthar the company wanted this to replace its vastly popular and old Maruti 800/Alto series vehicles. The share market reacted sharply to this news and shares of the Maruti saw a drop of more than 3%.

The image of Indian automobile industry which has been looked upon by global car manufacturers as a ray of hope for the revival of the market would surely be dented by this news. The automobile sector is yet to recover from the jolt of an earlier instance where Toyota recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide and this latest news from Maruti comes nothing less than a shocker.