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Magic Fiddle App turns iPad Into a Violin at a price $2.99

Magic Fiddle App price

Magic Fiddle is an application which turns the iPad you have into a pure, unadulterated musical instrument i.e the violin. It actually turns your iPad into a string instrument obviously with a difference. The application can be bought for $2.99 which was just released in the Apple Store.

On of the co-founder of this application is Smule who is the CTO and second Chief Creative Officer Ge Wang who described the way the Fiddle works. By just describing the Magic Fiddle it won’t make any sense until it is seen n action.

Smule has taken the trouble to create some demonstration videos which shows off the app along with the fiddle in action. Magic Fiddle is the same way one would play a stringed instrument like a violin or a fiddle. When you play you actually have to place the device on our shoulder and then use your fingers to pluck the strings while the other hand acts as the bow.

If anyone has an experience in playing a stringed instrument it would be very easy for the person to get hold of the playing pattern of the device. The apps come along with a “Storybook” guiding mode which makes it easy to pick up on the instrument working and learn proper finger position to play the violin.

The application seems very friendly as when the iPad is picked up it gives a greeting when the person has to say his name. The Fiddle can also be named according to one’s choice.

Wang said that the features of this device are too much of fun and is has to do mostly with musicals. The apps tests you according to the games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero if the person is said to have previous experience in string instruments, it can also come handy to those who just love music and want to play all day long without any hassle. The device itself is actually creating music. The physical modelings of the product have been developed at Stanford. The sounds might not be 100% accurate to a real fiddle or violin, but they follow similar pattern.