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MTS Pulse 1000 price, MTS Pulse 1000 plan, MTS Pulse 1000 Features

MTS Pulse 1000 Price and MTS Pulse 1000 plan

  • MTS Pulse 1000 Plan brings you the HTC Pulse for only a Rs 6,000 activation charge with a monthly commitment of Rs 1000 for 12 months. This MTS Pulse 1000 offer is only available from the selective cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai & Jaipur. 
  • This MTS Pulse 100 also comes with a credit card option for 12-month, interest free EMI with ICICI & HDFC Bank. MTS Pulse 1500 Credit card plan features a zero monthly rent commitment for the first 12 months and only Rs 1,000 from the 13th month. This MTS Pulse 1000 Plan allows you to get the latest phone, with all the capabilities you want, without the huge upfront cost. 
  • MTS Pulse 1000 features a great MTS plan and brings one of the latest HTC phones to the market. This MTS Pulse 1000 features two separate channels for data and voice so that the consumer can have the fastest download available. Faster browsing capabilities and Hi-Speed Internet Access up to 3.1Mbps allows you to surf the net at great speeds from almost anywhere with this HTC WI-Fi enabled phone.

MTS Pulse 1000 Features

  • This HTC Pulse also features a 5mp Camera with an amazing Digital Zoom option and an expandable memory up to 16 mb that lets you take as many pictures as you want and share them with all your friends and family.
  • This MTS Pulse features also offers a huge 81.2mm full touch screen, perfect for shopping on the Android market and playing the coolest, new touch- screen games almost anywhere with the built in WI-FI.

MTS HTC Pulse 1000 Features list

  • Google Andriod 2.0
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Direct Access to Android Market
  • 81.2 mm full touch screen
  • 5 megapixil camera with digital zoom
  • expandable memory
  • Hi-Speed internet Access up to 3.1Mbps