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MTS India offers MSaver 198 plan offers 50 paise call rate in Tamil Nadu

If you have been stuck up with a network where you do not have useful plans and tariffs for your needs and requirements, its right time for you to change the decision.

MTS – India mobile services, which is an emerging brand of sistema shyam telecom services, have come up with an exclusive offer named MTS India plan Msaver 198 for its tamilnadu and Chennai users!!

Rightly named as MTS India plan Msaver 198, this single-time recharge plan simply offers never-heard lowest local and STD rates with 29 paise per minute for local calls and 49 paise per minute for STD calls all over India. This would help the users to save a lot in your monthly expenses.

Apart from this, since this happens to be a limited period offer, India plan saver 198 from MTS has specially been made the for its Tamilnadu and Chennai users where they find that the business happens to be prospective and responsive.

For a single time investment of Rs.198 with MTS India plan Msaver 198 from MTS would be able to save ample amount of money for you which you would happen to waste when you use your normal tariff plan.

For those who have been struggling with expensive tariffs for STD messages, MTS has specially made MTS India plan Msaver 198 as a complete combo pack wherein all the local as well as national messages would cost only 50 paise.

As the saying goes, time and money waits for none, MTS India plan Msaver 198 would let you speak on and on with no worry to mind about the time and save a lot of money.


there is any booster in mts for message
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