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MS Office follows Google Docs to cloud, MS office more feature but at price

MS Office 2010 price in India

Google was the first to offer cloud computing, with the launch of online office suite named Google Docs. It offered user to create documents and spreadsheets online, and simultaneously edit, and format. However, the Google Docs set-back was its inability to provide access to offline documents. Recently, Google has upgraded Google Docs with new set of tools to make it more faster, collaborative and utility based.

In return, Microsoft has launched MS Office 2010, which not only have offline usability like MS Office 2007, but also have cloud computing. MS Office 2010 have new improved ribbon, with standardized menus and sub-menus in all office applications, and ribbon can also be customized as well. Microsoft has worked hard to optimize the E-mail management system in outlook, which earlier was a tiresome deal in older versions of MS Office.

MS Office 2010, Powerpoint, have new tools to create impressive online presentations and video embedding again for online presentation.  The basic underlined feature of MS Office 2010 is that through cloud computing technology, you can allow to share documents with online users, who can read it and edit it.

Though Google Docs is available free-of-cost online, but, MS Office 2010 comes with a price tag of around Rs. 20,000 for professional version and Rs. 5,000 for Office Professional Academic. MS Office 2010 has launched on May 12, 2010 for corporate purpose only, and for public use it will launch soon in June sometime.

It is interesting to note that, both Google Docs and Microsoft has attacked each other with scathing criticism of each other web-technology, which has rendered prospective user confused. Where Google Docs has suggested MS Office 2010 to be worthless, and on the other hand Microsoft has asserted that Google Docs do not offer extensive format support.

Talking truth, Google Docs and MS Office 2010 are both feature oriented and both have plausibility for web-based technology. Whereas Google Docs is available free of cost for online document and spreadsheet creation and edition, on the other hand MS Office 2010 provide extensive services in both offline and online documentation and presentation but which would cost considerable price.

Google Docs has tapped the online market, and dominates considerable chunk. Google Docs is better and easy to use. However, MS Office 2010 is packed with features and tools, and could offer a lot.


MS office more feature, not for me
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