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MSI launches 14 Laptop in 5 Series at affordable Price for Indian consumers

MSI 5 Series Price in India

Micro Star Technology (MSI) is coming with 14 new lap tops models in 5 series. The series will be classic series, G series, E series entertainment, X series and U series. MSI researched on the demand on people and finally they found conclusion that, people need laptops for fulfilling personal and professional needs. Considering aspects of Indian customers, MSI planned to launch 14 new model laptops having powerful strategies of personalize and professionalism.

MSI new laptops will help to professional people for going with tasks frequently. MSI new series laptops are providing great platform to professional to fulfill needs. New series laptops with great looks and great features provide huge advantages to every professional person.

MSI Series laptops will help to every person, whether we talk about children game play or market research, application perform and other things. You will be getting high speed technology with advanced features in this series.

Now, we shall move to that point, that what is new in these MSI notebooks. I am able to describe few points. We shall look one by one every series laptops with prices.

MSI G Series Notebooks Features & Prices

  • Gaming Power - This has been made for gaming power.
  • G Series - MSI G-series GT740, MSI G-series GT640.
  • Screen – 15.4 Inches flat screen and monitor is in 17 inches.
  • Processors - Intel C i7 Quad-Core
  • Keyboard – Highlighted touch keyboard
  • Graphics - GTS 250M's 3D
  • Prices of G Series – Rs.88,000+ rupees

MSI E Series Notebooks Features & Prices

  • Entertainment & Work – E series will perform entertainment, work & play games.
  • Display - 15" LED backlit & high-definition Cinema
  • Processors - Intel Core Duo processor
  • Weight – 2 Kg & 6 battery
  • 3D Graphics Card - Radeon HD4330 discrete
  • LED Screen – E series provides LED Screen.
  • Prices of E Series – Rs.38, 999+ rupees

MSI Classic Series Features & Prices

  • Professional – This is advanced series professional laptops.
  • Classic Series - CX420, CR420 and CR620
  • Operating Speed – MSI Classic series has incremented 20% operating speed.
  • Connectivity – High speed wireless connectivity
  • Prices of Classic Series – Rs.38, 000+ rupees

MSI X Series Features & Prices

  • Slim Series – X Series is slim series with less power consumption platform.
  • Processor - Intel Core2 Duo
  • X Series - MSI X420, X620, X350, and X430
  • Battery – Extra Long time battery with energy saving platform.
  • Prices of X Series – Rs.45,000+ rupees

MSI U Series Features & Prices

  • U Series – It provides ultra portable platform.
  • Weight – Very little weight like wind.
  • U Series Laptops - U130, U135, U210 and U230
  • Processor - ATOM N450
  • Display Size – 12 inches display
  • Prices of U Series – 19,000 to 21,000+ rupees

MSI will solve every professional and personal laptops working problem with launch of great series of 14 laptops with 5 series. MSI will be available in almost every shop. You can also get MSI laptops from online market places. This is advanced high tech laptop for Indians for giving them complete solution of professionalism.