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MSI Windpad 100W launched :Indians can choose from a variety of tablets now

MSI Windpad 100W Price in India

People of India are excited as they are getting a variety of tablets to choose from. First it was Apple which launched its iPad recently and then to follow in line was MSI new Tablet Windpad 100W.

Windpad 100W is raising a question in everyone’s mind whether this tablet would be the competitor of Apple’s new 1st generation iPad launched in India. It is difficult to look in the future but then the Windpad 100 W has many interesting features that are sure to attract the users.

MSI Windpad uses a premium interfase which runs over a Windows 7 Premium Operating System. Another interesting fact about Windpad is that it would be powered by Intel’s mobile processor and has an interesting number of applications to showcase. The price of the tablet is around 34,890/-.

The display of the tablet is impressive as Windpad has a 10.1-inch screen with a superb resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The connectivity of the tablet is also quite good with Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n and USB ports. The camera is equipped with Dual Camera and this tablet also has 32 GB SSD Storage Space. Thus all in the entire MSI tablet is sure to grab a lot of attention.

Some special features of the MSI tablets must be discussed. The security system of the tablet is way above the standard as this tablet has the EasyFace recognition software. It is MSI software which works with the internal 1.3 megapixel internal webcam which uses biometric technology which enhances the data security and provide a high-tend standard of security for the tablet users.

Taskbar magnifier is another wonder. For the users of the Windpad 100W the makers of MSI made a taskbar magnifier easier so that it becomes easier for the users to navigate their way in the Windows 7 Operating System.

The tablet has Windows 2010 and Excels 2010 preloaded with the Adobe reader, PDF file reader and the necessary software for a tablet. Thus it seems that MSI Windpad 100W would be a good purchase for its users.


MSI Windpad 100W launched :Indians can choose from a variety of tablet
MSI Windpad : a wonder technology
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