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Low cost tablet for Indian students, new Tablet for Rs 1500 by HRD Ministry

Even the students can acquire and learn on tablets with the price as low as Rs 1500. Human Resource Ministry has decided to give tablets to the students at a mere price of Rs 1500. The initial cost of this tablet was estimated to be Rs 500 but it increased to three folds after the final projection. The tablets will be given to students by end of 2011.

The tablets especially designed for students is not bigger than a netbook and will have all value-added features such as a Touchscreen, an integrated keyboard, Wi-Fi connectivity and a USB port. The tablet has been designed keeping in mind the low power supply areas and hence it is powered with 2-watt system. This low cost laptop will have the storage capacity of approx 2GB RAM.

Normally in the age where the tablets are as expensive as Rs 30,000, this tablet at a price of Rs. 1500 is nothing but a breakthrough. Students from all sections specifically from rural areas could get the desired exposure through this tablet. HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said, ‘If more companies decide to manufacture a similar device, prices will come down automatically.’ The ministry has asked some private players as well to produce such low-budget computers.

These low cost tablets will be given to various institutions by HRD department and the final cost would be dependant o the transportation as well. However, Sibal said, ‘We will give some subsidy on the device. As far as transport is concerned, if the transport cost in less, the government can bear that as well.’