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LG Watch Phone at price for Rs.49,990 with impressive specifications

LG Watch Phone Price in India

LG GD910 is one of the youngest babies in the Indian handset family. By launching GD910 , LG has clearly stated its future plans in terms of launching next iteration of mobile handsets in India.

LG Watch Phone is set at a price for Rs.49,990 in India. We would have to think twice before calling LG GD910 a Handset rather we should be calling it as a Wrist Set.

GD910, a watch phone is an aesthetic stylish wrist watch which can be swapped as a mobile phone also. There have been initial doubts raised by critics about the maneuverability of the set. But these are laid to rest as the glass screen on the top GD910 works as a captive touch screen while having a set of three buttons which serve as Talking, Clearing and End buttons respectively.

LG has emphasized that texting in this set would be similar to that of a virtual T9 keypad.

The LG GD910 weighs only 84 gms and considering that it’s a watch/phone it serves as an ideal light weight watch. GD910 measures 49 x 39 mm and is 13 mm thick. All through its manufacture, LG has been in constant touch with the watch manufacturers to ensure that the materials used in manufacturing of this wrist set gives a watch like feeling to the customers.

Coming to the features of GD910, this set it has all the usual features of an expected designer watch. The wrist set is IPX4 certified which relates to water resistance and feature of this sort ensures that wrist set is water jet or splash resistant.

LG GD910 watch set comes with an impressive 1.43 inches TFT capacitive touch screen (128 X 160 Pixels). GPRS and EDGE are included into the watch set, while its HSDPA connection with a maximum speed up to 7.2 Mbps comes as a delight for the internet users. The Blue tooth connectivity helps the customers to converse hands free when they are on the move.

These all and many more regular features that have now become a necessity are incorporated in LG GD910 which comes with a slightly high price of around Rs.49, 990.