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LG KF310 Mobile Review LG KF310 Price in India Feature, light weight mobile

LG KF310 Price in India

LG KF310 is a GSM slider phone with hi-tech features. It is equipped with specifications like 2 MP camera and video calling, 3G network, Google package, MP3 player and embedded games. LG KF310 is feasible for pockets of consumers as it is priced at Rs.7140 in all major cities across India.

LG KF310 mobile is a light weighted mobile with simple design. It is a slider phone weighing just 95 grams and having a nice display screen of 2.0 inch with resolution of 176 x 220 pixels.

Specifications of LG KF310 mobile phone are not simple as its design. The specifications include a 2 MP camera with digital zoom so that one can take close ups of the loved ones. It allows video recording of good quality. It has a VGA camera which facilitates video calling, such that the user can have a face to face chat with loved ones and does not miss them.

LG KF310 phone has connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB port, 3G, WAP and GPRS. Using USB port user can connect his/her handset with the computer and transfer data within seconds. Bluetooth of LG KF310 phone helps in data transfer from user’s mobile to computer or other mobiles and vice versa. WAP and GPRS provide access to internet whereas 3G feature allows fast access to internet through LG KF310 device.

LG KF310 handset is embedded with Java which comprises of MP3 player, MP4 player and Google package. The user can relax his/her mind by listening to favourite music on MP3 and MP4 players. The Google package of LG KF310 facilitates access of Gmail account conveniently, using Google search on the handset itself. Google package also consists of application Google Maps which helps the user locate his/her exact location and find the right directions to the new unknown destination.

Other basic features of LG KF310 mobile phone are pre loaded games, wallpapers, 40 MB internal memory, expandable memory using Micro SD, polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. The user can also download wallpapers, polyphonic and MP3 ringtones of own choice from internet.


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