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LG KF240 mobile price in India with amazing features andspecifications

LG KF240 mobile price in India

LG KF240 mobile price in India with amazing features and specifications: LG launched LG KF240 in 2010 but its techno features and affordable price make it most sought by the consumers. LG KF240 is a smart looking slider phone with touch screen. LG KF240 mobile features and specifications include a 2 MP camera, Bluetooth, GPRS, MP3 player and many more features. LG KF240 is available at a price ranging from Rs.5000 to 7000 in India.

LG KF240 embraces a simple but sophisticated design which is loved by most of the consumers. It has a touch screen display of size 3 inches with resolution 240 x 480 pixels. The touch screen gives a great quality display but the touch screen functionality is limited to a certain extent. The user of LG KF240 should not worry as the good looking slider phone has a keypad also which can be used. Its user friendly intuitive user interface facilitates easy navigation through menu options of the handset.

LG KF240 has great connectivity features which keeps the user connected any where any time. It has GPRS class 10, WAP and HTML browser using which a user can access to web and using its email client can receive and send urgent mails while on the move. This function of LG KF240 is extremely helpful and handy for the working class who need to remain updated every moment. It also has Bluetooth and USB features which make transferring and sharing of data amongst friends and family of the user easy.

LG KF240’s camera specifications include a 2 MP camera using which the user can immortalise his/her memorable moments in form of photos or videos.

User of LG KF240 can upright his/her mood by listening to favourite downloaded music on its MP3 and MP4 player. The handset allows download of variety of MP3 songs from internet. One can also download MP3 and polyphonic ringtones in LG KF240 and set them according to the mood. It also has 64 pre loaded polyphonic and MP3 ringtones to choose from.

LG KF240 is also equipped with other exciting specifications like MMS, games, 20 MB internal memory, games, organizer, voice memo and to-do list. Through MMS messaging a user can send and receive pictures and videos. Games are already embedded in LG KF240 and more can be downloaded from net.

Overall, LG KF240 is a good looking device which is affordably priced between Rs.5000 to 7000.

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LG KF 240 mobile prices
lg mobiles are reasonable for the people who can't able to bye costly mobile.
Posted by isha
This telephone is worth buying,especially for such quite low price. Moreover, it has a great ability of a battery which is approximately 8 hours. That's really nice issue
Posted by Iryna T.
nice post
Well, LG is doing well in this season..lets see what more could it provide in much less price.
Posted by amit
LG KF240 mobile price in India with amazing features andspecifications
LG KF240 mobiles are worth their price ans people should definitely consider them
Posted by sm