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LG Fantasy price in India, LG Fantasy features Windows 7.0 Mango

LG Fantasy price in India

LG Fantasy smartphone is allegedly estimated to be launched in next few months. LG Fantasy price in India is yet to be unveiled by the company. It is believed that LG Fantasy price in India will be in the high end.

LG Fantasy features

LG Fantasy is a much anticipated mobile device due to the features and specifications it sports. The new LG Fantasy Smartphone is said to come with an updated Windows 7.0 Mango. It will be a Windows phone having an excellent appearance and exquisite performance.

LG Fantasy features for display

LG Fantasy Smartphone sports a more than 4-inches screen with 400x800 pixel resolution, offering clear and real-life display of images. There is a veil of mystery surrounding this handset and LG is reluctant on giving out to much information. However, the little things that we know have all come from an accidental leak of the phone on the net.

LG Fantasy features for design

One thing is certain though, this LG Fantasy smartphone is quite stylish and refined in appearance, like most of the brand’s handsets are. We can only assume that since this phone comes with the latest Mango it will bear all its new and improved features. It will also have Internet explorer 9, gracing the user with fast and effortless access to the web.

LG Fantasy features list awaited

LG Fantasy Smartphone has a list of details and information that are yet awaited to be released. Since the suspense on the potential and the abilities of this phone is massive, the only thing one could do is only speculate and count the days when more insight will be disclosed.

However, keeping in mind that Microsoft is working hard on updating the features of Mango, we can purport that the new handset will score excellent social networking applications while offering great communication features; working efficiently online and on your screen, e-mailing and texting; entertainment and work combined wonderfully.

LG Fantasy smartphone is a device equally and fairly competing with the iPhone and enabling the user to multitask fast, easily and effortlessly.


LG Fantasy price in India
LG Fantasy price in India is not yet known. When will this unit be launched? According to rumors, this is sleek and refined. Maybe fit for the women or young adult teens? Maybe.
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