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LG 3D phones can be used without glasses, for the first time in India

LG 3D phones Price in India

LG might just hit gold what with becoming the first mobile company to come up with a 3D mobile which can be used without the 3D glasses. 3D mobiles are not new as Spice and Sharp had already launched the 3D set but for that the users had to wear glasses. LG would be the pioneer in making a 3D mobile which would not require glasses.

Technology which is progressing in leaps and bound would soon announce these 3D phones to be obsolete but these phones have been quite famous in the CES fair of 2011. The planning team Director of the company James Choi in a teasing mysterious way said, “You’ll be very surprised shortly, of an actual working 3D device from LG. I’ll leave it there before I say too much.”

The look of the LG phone is very smart and it is sure to win the hearts of many customers. What Spice and Sharp couldn’t do have been done by LG. the USP of this stylish phone would be the fact that it would be a gamer’s phone as people would really enjoying gaming in this 3D phone.

The specifications of this 3D Phone which would be launched soon would be WVGA 480 x 800 pixel resolution touchscreen phone. It would surely have the basic camera and connectivity facility. It is a Tegra 2, 8.9 inches phone and is expected to have both the side facing camera. As the LG is keeping the specifications of this phone under wraps nothing much is known about it. The pictures and the videos of these phones would be good as the 3 dimension would come into the picture.

The price of the LG phone is also not known and everyone in the mobile world is expecting an announcement which would happen as expected in the Mobile Congress soon to be held.


lg thrill 3d
hi there yeah more 3d phones lg optumis lg thrill htc evo 3d sony arc s
Posted by james braselton
LG 3d phones
LG now challinging the nokia it's great for consumer
Posted by mohit prakash mishra
LG 3d phones
good tecnology.
Posted by isha
LG 3D phones can be used without glasses, for the first time in India
3D without glasses, its a wow technology, LG has really done a good job !!
Posted by Appy