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LAVA A10 price in India, LAVA A10 price and features touchscreen, camera

LAVA A10 price in India

LAVA A10 price in India is Rs. 5400. LAVA A10 price is suited for price sensitive customers in India.

LAVA A10 features

LAVA mobiles recently launched dual SIM LAVA A10 touchscreen smartphone in India. LAVA mobiles is renowned indigenous company in India which manufactures stylish and sleek mobile handsets at affordable cost. LAVA mobiles has introduced another trendy and smarter mobile phone handset in India named LAVA A10 built with latest mobile technologies.

LAVA A10 features others

LAVA A10 is integrated with 3.2 mega pixels camera capable of taking high-quality pictures and capturing clean videos. LAVA mobiles has certainly worked hard on camera technology part, and in addition 3 inches TFT touch screen capable of 178 degrees angle view enable using camera at best. TFT touch screen display clarity is good and touch sensitivity is nearly up to the mark but not perfect as we see in other high-end smartphones.

LAVA A10 features for multimedia

LAVA A10 has Video player to stream high-definition video files and it also have recording facilty. Music Player on LAVA A10 is capable to play MP3 music files format and also FM Radio is inbuilt in LAVA A10. Sound technology is good but again not up to the mark, there is a scope of improvement in that part.

LAVA A10 features for connectivity

Latest Opera Mini browser is pre-installed on LAVA A10, which have good graphical interface and faster browsing speed. Bluetooth, USB and EDGE on LAVA A10 makes exchange of data easier and portable irrespective of data load and size. Overall connectivity is smart but not holistic as it does not have Wi-Fi technology.

On LAVA A10 storage is not a problem as it supports memory card expandable upto 16GB. As told earlier LAVA A10 is indigenous made, so that means LAVA A10 would not be able to support mobile applications such as Nokia, Samsung or Blackberry could support. Even though if utility and design is to be considered of LAVA A10 than it scores and also prove good potential.

LAVA A10 is set at price Rs. 5400 (approx.), which is a good deal.

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i m confused towards these comments ....is it phone good or bad tell me.........
LAVA A10 Review, LAVA A10 mobile price, LAVA A10 features, specificati
I have one, is very good
Posted by Walhalla
Incoming Calls not able to receive
Hello Sir, I have purchase Lava A10 mobile 5days back, i am not able to receive incoming calls, can u suggest me why am not able to receive incoming calls? pls reach me at 9964601377 Thanks
Posted by Raghavendra. P.S
plz give me full details ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Posted by haidarali
lava a10
i love kamalesh because kamalesh mobile is lava a1o
Posted by deepika