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Karbonn A5 Price, Karbonn A5 Features 3.5 inch screen, 800 MHz Processor

Karbonn A5 Price

The new Karbonn device that has been recently released is another affordable yet very dynamic mobile phone that brings to the public everything that they wanted. Karbonn A5 price in India is cheap at Rs. 6000 and it is loaded with all the best that technology has to offer. Karbonn A5 features and specifications like 3.5 inch screen size, 800 MHz processor truly stands for its reasonable price. Karbonn A5 is a phone that it promises to make your life easier.

Karbonn A5 price in India is very logical and it comes at Rs. 6000. This handset operates on both networks. The 2G network ensures the user slightly less prices when it comes to charges and the 3G network makes sure that Internet on your handset runs fast and smoothly. In Karbonn A5, the downloading rates are massive and you can take advantage of these characteristics.

Karbonn A5 features a good quality screen that is 3.5 inches in size. The display shows the images vividly as it is enriched by a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The WVGA screen delivers a good output that makes the user enjoy all the files, documents and games on this wonderful handset. Karbonn A5 screen is a TFT capacitive one that ensures that your input is received fast and accurately.

Karbonn A5 specifications include a processor that runs at 800 MHz. The processor supports the handling of multiple tasks on your handset and it makes sure that you are never stalled while operating on it. This is a good phone that helps you work while you are on the road.

Karbonn A5 price in India is at Rs. 6000 and this is very good price for a very tasteful and good-looking mobile phone. Karbonn A5 is elegant and very sophisticated and it will definitely turn heads wherever you take it. What is more, it is a phone that comes loaded with an endless list of applications.

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