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Is New iPhone 4G 2010 Version Coming with Free Apple iPhone Apps

Apple iPhone 4G, looks like it is going to set new trends in the field of mobile communications. The latest update of iPhone already had revolutionary changes in it including multitasking, a multiplayer gaming platform and many more! Adding to this list, Apple hinted that the applications from apps store would cost nothing for iPhone 4G users.

This is good news for millions of iPhone users as they can get their favorite apps from app stores at zero cost. Apple is planning to make 4th generation Apple iPhone a big hit and looks like this is all part of it.

New iPhone is going to come with a special advertizing platform called ‘iAds’. These ads are supposed to be run on free iPhone applications and thus generating income. This iAds concept is good for both users and Apple, as users get their applications for free and in the same time Apple’s profits potential increases high with ads revenue.

So this ad platform of iPhone 4G is surely going to get them hundreds of million dollars every year. Before the announcement of new iPhone OS 4, Steve Jobs told this to surrounding market executives calling it as Apple’s next big thing.

iPhone 4G applications are going to come with advertisements. As per the industry sources, Apple is going to keep 40% of the total revenue generated from iPhone 4G advertizing for serving the ads on iAds.  Apple does have lot of hopes on their new business formula, so does the apps and games developers. Apple feels long term advertisement business can be lucrative than traditional sale of apps on app stores.

iPhone New version is going make top to bottom business on advertizing. Say, if Apple can sell 50 million units of iPhones, and if each user on average spend half an hour with Apple iPhone 4G, there would be millions of advertisements displayed on iPhones everyday. Steve Jobs wants to make most out of this ad platform. The ad platform reportedly might be the Quattro Wireless’ mobile ad platform. Apple bought this ad platform four months ago by spending a whopping 275 million.

iPhone 2010 version can benefit users a lot. Same time, it can irritate many. There are people who already started thinking about ads displayed on iPhones. We just have to wait for some time to know the ad formats, frequency of display and many other things. But for now, you are going to get iPhone apps for free on your iPhone 4G. At least leading industry analysts are sure about this!


New iPhone 4G 2010 Version with Free Apple iPhone Apps
What more can a person ask for in this New iPhone 4G 2010 Version with Free Apple iPhone Apps. You do not have to download, the applications are already free.
Posted by Amihan
I don't think there is anything misleading in it, in fact I read an article in one of the so called bigger sites. The concept is pretty much the same. Steve Jobs is going to irritate iPhone users with ads for sure.
Posted by iPhoniac
ads on iphone 4G
This will be the death of iPhone! The general public hate ads in any shape or form! Why do people get rid of subscription tv? Because there are far too many ads and the programming is repetitive. people download tv shows in order to watch ad free.!
Posted by Simon