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Infibeam iPad for price Rs.9, 999 with all Indian languages

Infibeam iPad Price in India

Infibeam has launched e book reader, also called by many as India iPad. Infibeam iPad is for price Rs.9, 999. People can book Infibeam e-book Reader on their site with advance payment of Rs.999. Infibeam e-book Reader is available in all official languages. As Apple iPad has long time to hit India market, Infibeam e-book Reader is best option in India for online book reading.

Infibeam e-book Reader Pi has introduced in India and this is the first e-book reader of the country.  So far e-book is popular in countries like US and now it’s going to hit Indian markets very soon. The “Pi” is the product of shopping portal Infibeam that offers more than one lakh e-books for Indian readers. Infibeam e-book Reader Pi price is Rs. 9,999 and with the help of this e-book reader Indians can read the text in their all official local languages.

Infibeam e-book Reader Pi is both eco friendly as well as economic. By incerasing the reading of books on the gadget, it will reduce requirement for papaers. The consumers can buy this at Infibeam’s home portal http://infibeam.com and its introductory pre-order price is INR 9, 999 and the booking amount is Rs. 999, which is non-refundable but that includes all duties, taxes and shipping costs. The shipping of “Pi” e-book reader will commence from February 22nd, 2010. As an introductory offer, if a consumer pre-order the product now the shipping cost is free for India.

Infibeam e-book Reader Pi provide option the font size of the text. E reader has four type of font sizes and it will auto-scale the text that fit the screen.  With the help of “Pi’ the consumers can upload their own text through USB and the publications and newspaper reading material are yet to be upgraded.

Infibeam “Pi’ is not only the e-book reader but it also supports the users to listen music or play games like Sudoku whenever they get tired or bored of reading. Infibeam “Pi’ has the ROM with 512MB but it supports SD cards with 4GB memory.

Infibeam e-book Reader Pi has six inch display (E Ink Vizplex and it has no black light or glare and it weigh just 180gms, which is less than 10mm. Infibeam “Pi’ supports the formats like HTML, PDF, TXT, EPUB, DOC and MOBI and the users can see the images with gray scale-screen with 600 800 pixels and the images are in BMP, JPG and PNG.


good reader
It is very good for me because i am good reader
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