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Indiatimes launches first voice social network hibuddy with RCom mobile

Want to get busy with a new social networking app? The Hibuddy in that case is the ideal option for you. The Hibuddy is a kind of voice social networking service that has been lately introduced by the Indiatimes. The mobile users would now be able to access this blogging service. Hibuddy is being launched in Reliance mobile (RCom) mobiles and would soon be rolled out on other mobiles in India.

In fact, the ever increasing popularity of the social networks has inspired Indiatimes to introduce this new social network. If your mobile phone works on the Reliance mobile network, only then would you get the current service available. However, the company claims that soon this service would be available to other network users as well.

If you want to access this social networking service on your current mobile phone, you would have to create your voice channel. By means of this channel, you would be able to connect with other users who shares similar interests like you. With the help of this service, you would also get the facility of voice blog and display of the verbal talents. In short, the users would be able to perform several activities which in turn would increase socializing to a great extent.

In India, this move by Indiatimes is an unprecedented move because now with the use of internet, millions and millions of mobile users would be bale to carry on social networking easily and conveniently. In fact, the company claims that this particular service in India would increase the interest of social networking on mobile phones to a great extent.

The CEO of Indiatimes, Rishi Khiani said that the Hibuddy service would definitely extend the growth of social networking. Mobile phone users would be easily able to connect and interact socially with one another. He also claims that probably this particular service would be the next thing big in the field of social networking as well as voice blogging in India.

Hibuddy service would also offer several channels like Shivani ki chatpati duniya. Under this program instant recipes can be exchanged. Jokes can also be shared by means of other channels. In fact there would be several interesting channels on several other topics which would really benefit you to a great extent.