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India shows it to the world again: the Adam Tablet is here

India has done it again, putting the bigwigs of the chip world behind with Adam, the smart pad developed and designed by a bunch of enthusiasts at BVRIT innovation Centre, Hyderabad. Our young adult entrepreneur, Rohan Shravan who leads Notion Ink is a 25 years old IITian who bid a good bye to his lucrative career to parent this gen- next device, the Adam. His product has not only put Notion Ink on the world platform but has shown the world that India is an innovation destination.

As a child Rohan Shravan wanted to learn music and was deeply interested in creating structures, draw and paint. He always dreamt of creating a ‘device that would enable him to encompass the entire universe.’

Adam received overwhelming response from all over the world and this young techie has all the reasons to smile who is now busy showcasing his product and travels from Barcelona to LA. Teamed with a group of seven like minded youngsters, Adam was developed and this Notion Ink Tablet is grabbing everyone’s attention.

It is the first device to integrate the technologies of Google’s Android system, Adobe Flash, 2 power saving NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chips, a swivel camera and a Pixel Qi Screen. It has everything to give tough competition to the likes of big giants like Apple. The optimistic young Rohan says that people are open to new ideas and since Adam tablet is the new baby, there is no benchmark yet; while answering to a question about a threat perception from global brands like Apple.

The compact Adam is neither a netbook nor a notebook but a slim book (0.6inch). This touchscreen tablet PC is all set to bring a technology revolution to India. Adam boasts of 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a generous 16 hour battery life. The added specifications are proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, GPS and accelerometer.

The young businessman is so exalted and is convinced to challenge the best devices out there. He also hints at his upcoming innovation and says ‘we want to commit another ‘sin’ soon and let the world evolve to repeat history.’ The suave entrepreneur is yet to finalize the price tag of the product but there are strong anticipations of the gadget priced around iPad.


Adam Tablet
SEe spec
Posted by Mihir
If you read the fine print....this device will blow Apple out of the water. Just hope Apple can catch up
Posted by CR Pelgar