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Hotmail launches FREE SMS alerts for mail on mobile in India

Microsoft India introduced Hotmail on mobile phones. The Hotmail users can get alerts on SMS and this service is absolutely free of cost, starting Wednesday. This facility can be achieved without GPRS connection in the mobile phones. The best of this service is that it, allows users to receive, read and reply to emails on SMS. Everyone is allowed to use this service.

To get this service on your phone all you need to do is- log on to www.mobile.live.com and then register yourself. The registering process mainly consists of two basic steps, feed your mobile number and enter authentication code received on mobile to get started, provided you have to have a hotmail account, the company said in a statement.

This service is so happening, that you don’t even bother going to cyber café and can have fun without logging to your computer every time you want to check your mails. This service is simple makes checking mails as easy as checking SMSs. However, this will definitely decrease the number of cyber café users in the coming days.

Through this facility you can now receive, read and reply to emails on your SMS.  However, before start using this service one needs to be very much clear about email address of the sender/receiver. The service also enables you with well-organized screening of emails by specifying the email address or domain from which you'd like to receive alerts on your SMS, the company said.

In today’s world staying connected to each other is a very important issue.  In India there are around 506 million mobile users, of which only 18 million have GPRS facility on their mobile phones. And till now it was not possible for the rest 488 million users to enjoy the service of emails, until and unless they won’t have any proper internet connection.

So it seems that without combining these two different technologies- email and SMS, it wasn’t possible to connect everyone. But now it seems that Microsoft India wants to see everyone connected, it looks like that everyone can stay connected, no matter wherever they go, they just need to carry their Hotmail/Live ID and a mobile phone in their pocket.


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Posted by sumit
Posted by sumit