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Honda recalls Fit, Jazz and City car models for various problems

While breakdowns are a fact of life, some of them can be prevented while some of them cannot. Recently there have been millions of auto recalls announced by the major manufacturers and this time it’s the Honda Recall. Honda recalls 646,000 Jazz/Fit, City cars globally. The Fit is Honda's best-selling model in Japan and is also a replica of Honda Jazz which is known to the world.

Honda recall has been announced on Friday and 646,000 cars of Fit, Jazz and City models called back immediately due to window switch problem globally. The Honda recall was announced so that the company can examine window switches that can overheat if exposed to liquid, causing smoke, melting or even catching fire, after a child died when fire broke out in a car last year.

It is said that only 10% of its fit hatchbacks will need its switches to be replaced and the remaining will require the fitment of waterproof skirts to prevent and stop water seeping in. It can melt or com-bust when exposed to liquid and these switches must be either replaced or rectified with new waterproof fittings. There can be a huge amount of smoke in the interior, the switch could melt and even catch fire.

There are to be 171,372 recalled in the UK, 141,140 in the U.S. and 229,000 in Latin America. Those affected models were built in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. The Honda is trying hard to keep up with its customers with their latest window switch problem. The problem was pretty disastrous as there were three reported cases of fires due to the defect, two in the United States and one in South Africa.

There have been many recalls by hugely popular automotive giants and these hassles have always been a threat to the company’s image and latest being the Honda Recall.


Honda recalls Fit hatchbacks
Honda is recalling 646,000 Fit hatchbacks worldwide because of a glitch that could cause water to enter the power window mechanism, causing components to overheat.A spokeswoman says the recall affects the 2007-2008 models of the Fit. About 140,000 vehicles are affected in the U.S.
Posted by Kapil Arora