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Honda Brio: new small car running for big dreams for Indian market

The medium and small cares in India like Skoda Fabia, Maruti Swift and Hyundai i20 has now another competitor. Honda Siel Cars India Limited is planning to showcase another pf their many wonders, Honda Brio which means both the funny car and small. The model was codenamed as CV2; will feature a 1.2 litre petrol engine and will be available at an affordable price.
Honda Brio is expected to hit the roads by next year. Its fuel efficiency and manual gearbox are certain of the characteristics that the car possesses. Details of the price have not been finalized but an approximate of Rs. 5 Lakh is what has been hinted at.
Company officials feel that the small car, which was showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo is going to change the definition of small cars. According to photographs which were taken at the exhibition as well as from the pictures of the model, it can be guessed that it is very similar to Chevrolet Beat. This is a very popular car and has very unique features too. Chevrolet Beat has its door handle attached to the rear window frame and not on the door itself as it is generally found.
Among the existing contenders for the best small car Skoda Fabia is a good name to begin with. It is sporty, looks stunning and it has got a fully integrated audio-system and is also provided with high-end safety feature. Maruti Swift also has great design; good interiors, clean sheet design and important features like torsion beam rear suspension and electronic brake force are also provided with. Hyundai i20 is also specially designed with a low slung grille, large stylish headlamps and provide plenty of leg space and baggage space too.
It is now to be seen how better equipped Honda Brio is and how keenly it can compete with the existing small cars. India is soon to get the new car after it will be shown off first in Thailand.