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Hackers offer new Jailbreak for iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS, iPad with iOS 4 Firmware

The hackers are criminals but aren’t they really brilliant? The hackers are now claiming that they have developed different tools by means of which any version which is attached with the latest iOS 4 can be jail broken just within a matter of five minutes. Versions like iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and, many more are included in the list.

A tool called the GoldRa1n has actually been developed by the hackers. By means of this tool, they can unlock the device that is being used on any other networks. If you move on to these sites of the hackers, you would find a complete written guide along with the instruction on the video in order to install the tool on the device. This tool also helps to bypass any kind of restriction that has been imposed by Apple. The hackers claim that this tool can be installed easily in any iPhone from Apple.

The announcement of the launch of this new hacking tool for iPhone 4, iPad, iPhone 3G, 3GS was made by MuscleNerd who is the most popular hackers of iPhone. At the same time, he is also a member of iPhone Dev Team. He announced that a new device would soon come and this in fact would be a masterpiece produced from@comex. He also claims that the comex possesses all the capabilities to jailbreak the entire range of the devices from iOS 4 with the help of the latest firmware.

The Dev Team is actually famous for development of several tools which helps the user to go for many unauthorized applications on various different products of Apple. These different products include iPad, iPhone and even the iPod Touch.

Though the iPhone 4 is rich with immense features yet it lacks the ability to run the WiFi hotspot. This lack of ability on part of the iPhone 4 however, is not at all a problem to the hackers. The jailbroken units would be able to make all the work possible. With the use of this hacking tool, all the features that is lacking in the iPhone would be enabled.

The date and the time of the release of this new device is however, not revealed. You would have to wait for getting more information on this new hacking device. This new tools however would be compatible with the older versions of iPhone as well.


You're joking right?
"The hackers are criminals [...]?" You're joking right? This news article is indeed a poor attempt at trolling, right? You actually know what you're talking about, but are pretending you don't, right? I can't take this article seriously.
Posted by mick
Crap unrelated article
And hackers aren't criminals. Even Apple could legally confirm that it is illegal to jailbreak. Maybe you should be posting article if you have no clue about what your talking about.
Posted by Some1
Crap unrelated article
What a crap article? Obviously this person has no clue what they are talking about. "goldra1n"?? Goldra1n is a scam program that doesn't unlock or even jailbreak any iDevice its a virus. And you cant even structure an article correctly!
Posted by Some1