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HTC accepts the flaws in the Evo and promises to fix them.

The HTC Evo is smartphone that was released by AT&T claiming to support the fourth generation network capabilities. The HTC Evo had been reported with some bugs like screen separation and loss of touch screen sensitivity. The Taiwan based handset maker was reportedly aware of the problems and had promised that it would fix the problem soon.

Well it seems that the mobile making company is finally fulfilling the promises now. Sprint and HTC have identified an issue with some EVO SD Cards. The root cause of the issue is a software defect that causes the SD Card to run in low power mode. An over-the-air software fix is now available (June 4).

When customers activate their EVO, they will be asked to complete the software update which will resolve the issue. Customers can install the update manually by going to Settings > System Updates > HTC software update on the EVO, then following the instructions as prompted.

There have been complaints of loose, peeling, and improperly sealed screens, as well as screens that are not completely flush. The production process for the HTC EVO 4G has been changed, that will prevent future screens from having the slight separation of the layers that some users have reported as reported by an official from the company.Another bug that was reported by a reporter that was regarding photos not being saved into the MicroSD card has been fixed That glitch is now being considered a bug, one that Sprint could fix with an over-the-air update released Friday.

HTC is avery powerful handset on a whole and with the WiMAx support it clerly becomes the best in the world. Now after the company has officially announced that it knows about the problems in the device and is planning to fix them the HTC Evo owners must have breathed a sigh of relief and thanked god.

However, any news on how and when would the repairs and upgrades will be available is not out. So the HTC Evo owners will have to do nothing but wait to get their handsets perfected till then they can look at their Evo and thank HTC for accepting its flaws.