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HTC Incredible Android Smart Phone Verizon First Look impresses users

Verizon would soon have a new smart phone in the market from 29th April. It will cost $200. This smart phone would be named as HTC Incredible android smart phone. This would run on the Android OS of Google. It is expected that it would run on a very fast processor and consequently it would have a range of improved features.

For the gadget lovers this comes as a major treat and they are eagerly looking forward to it. With its multiple wonderful features this phone is definitely a phone worth having.

So if you are a gadget lover then read on to find out more about the wonderful phone. The hardware would be in the shape of a tablet and it would be designed on 3.7 inch WVGA (480 x 800) touchscreen. The display of the smart phone would be AMOLED which is considered to be the best type of display that is available today.

The colors and the sleek design would surely impress the users and it would be much crispier than those available in the LCD today. The large screen is half an inch thick which no doubt hints at its slenderness. This is perhaps not available in any devices till date. Naturally this makes it a most wanted phone for present day gadget aficionados.

There is no physical keyboard on the smart phone and the users would have to enter the text with the help of the on screen.

HTC Incredible android would run on OS 2.1 on a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon which is one of the fastest processors of smart phone available till date. The model would be able to display outstanding performance.

This phone would perhaps offer a balance between productivity as well as entertainment. This would be more beneficial to the users of the device who would be able to synchronize calendar, contacts as well as email. They would also be able to synchronize their messages as well as their personal data in accordance with the services of Google. It would be available with music as well as video players which can even be shared.