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HTC HD 7 smartphone powered by Windows Phone 7 looks similar to HTC EVO 4G

The first Windows Phone 7 device will be functioning in T-Mobile’s HTC HD7. The HTC EVO 4G and HTC HD7 are very similar in looks but the features differ a bit. It has 4.3-inch screen which is the largest screen in the Windows Phone 7 portfolio. There is a rear kickstand and a 5 MP camera with 720p video recording. The phone just has a Start key like that of iPhone’s. The HD7 is expected to launch in mid-November. Since Windows 7 will have its very first operating device HTC HD7 then its better to get acquainted with the operating system.

Windows Phone 7's was launched last week in New York City. Todd Brix who is the senior director of Windows Phone Marketplace, stressed in the blog of the Windows Phone 7 that "apps and games are central to the value we're offering end users with Windows Phone 7." Microsoft has promises that the phone will have 1000 apps available when it goes on sale. If Windows Phone 7 works out in between the big shots like Apple and Google then it might become a huge hit.

Windows Phone 7 developers has surveyed and found out that Microsoft is quick to praise and its tools easy to work with. The package includes tools like Visual Studio 2010 Express, an emulator, Silverlight, XNA Game Studio, .Net Framework 4, and Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone. Laurent Bugnion, senior integrator for app developer notes that the free tools have helped in speeding up the development and approval process. The emulator is useful because it allows previewing their apps on a PC without a phone.

Microsoft is trying to take the middle ground between Google and Android in development of apps but it is too early in the game to make any predictions. If it clicks for Microsoft then it would bring success in both the developers of apps and the consumers of the apps. IdentityMine's Laurent Bugnion disagrees and mentions that the closed system ensures a particular level of quality for apps. He said, "They are really trying to make the experience for the end-user easier. I think it is a rather positive thing,"