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HTC EVO 4G, Sprint to release the first 4G enabled phone in US

While the top telecom companies in US are still in their trials and efforts to bring the next generation wireless data network 4G, Sprint has emerged as the first telecom company in United States to offer 4G services to their customers. With this, the HTC EVO 4G is going to become the first mobile phone to feature 4G data network.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse tweeted about this HTC EVO 4G, and confirmed that it would hit stores by 4th of June this year. Android powered HTC EVO has promising features and what’s more striking is its cool price. HTC EVO 4G is priced at $199 which is a decent price for a Smartphone with good features.

HTC EVO 4G supports the next generation 4G network. It works on Sprint 4G network which is available in 32 different cities in US. Sprint speeded up their efforts to cover another 14 cities by the end of 2010. HTC EVO 4G also works on 3G at places where there is no 4g network coverage. Normally the speeds of 4G network are very high compared to that of 3G network. 4G network assures you a constant download and upload speed that you don’t see in 3G network.

HTC EVO 4G is a nice Smartphone with good features. It comes with two cameras, 8 MP HD camera on back, and a 1.3 MP front facing camera for webcam purposes. It’s a good camera package as the 8MP camera offers HD technology and also works as a HD camcorder. HTC EVO 4G also offers a hotspot functionality, which means you can use your HTC EVO 4G to connect to any Wi-Fi enabled device. Android 2.1 OS adds the perfect user interface to this mobile and offers more than 35,000 apps.

HTC EVO 4G Features

  • Supports high speed 4G data network with unbelievable data speeds.
  • Google Goggles search feature for advanced searching options.
  • High speed 1GHZ Snapdragon processor.
  • Google Android 2.1 operating system.
  • Two cameras, 8MP HD camera and 1.3 MP front facing camera
  • HD camcorder facility with instant upload features to social networking sites
  • Mobile hotspot functionality.
  • A full functional web-browser for excellent browsing experience.
  • Adobe Flash technology.

Sprint will be launching this award winning mobile phone with an affordable price. HTC EVO 4G will be available in all Sprint stores, sprint.com and other online stores. Sprint will release HTC EVO 4G with 2 year service agreement.

Sprint EVO 4G release date: 4th of June, 2010

Sprint EVO 4G Price: $199


will HTC Evo work on other service provider than sprint
hi, i want to know , --> will HTC Evo work on other service provider than sprint? does it come in unlock version and if so what would be its price then?
Posted by Avnish Talwar