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HTC EVO 4G, Sprint launches first ever 4G smartphone in US

HTC EVO 4G is now on sale! Sprint has launched this 4G enabled HTC EVO smartphone this Friday with a price of $199. Sprint is the first telecom company to introduce the 4G data network in US, while the HTC EVO is the first smartphone which runs on a 4G data network. Finally the long wait is over for smartphone lovers as the HTC EVO 4G is now available in stores under a 2 year contract.

HTC EVO is a smartphone which runs on Google Android 2.1 operating system. It surely is one of the best smartphone which runs on Android. 4G data network support is the key feature of this mobile, as 4G network can deliver very high data speeds. The front facing camera chat camera, 8 MP regular camera, 1GHZ processor and Large 4.3 inch are the other attractions of this mobile.

HTC EVO 4G can be purchased from Sprint under a two year contract. Sprint has priced this mobile for $199, but you additionally need to pay $69.99 for data plan and an additional $10 for a mandatory data add-on.

HTC EVO 4G price is somewhat affordable, especially when you keep the features of this phone in mind. It really is a decent price but the mandatory $10 add-on doesn’t impress many. Still they can pay it for country’s first ever 4G service!

HTC EVO 4G review and ratings are positive. There are some problems with privacy issues, but from a common user’s perspective it’s not all that big to worry about. The battery life of HTC EVO 4G is slightly on the shorter side. This is due to the 4G network and also the super fast processor.

HTC EVO 4G can be purchased from Sprint stores, and also from RadioShack stores.