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HTC Droid Incredible is Smarter, Cheaper and Better than iPhone 4G

HTC Droid Incredible is one more cool release from Verizon Wireless these days. The sales of HTC Droid incredible are very good, and demand too is so high. On the other hand, iPhone 4G is expected to make its debut in mid June. Already there have been lots of controversies centered on iPhone 4G.

These controversies and issues already hyped iPhone 4G and we just have to wait and see how well can this developments work for Apple. HTC Droid Incredible is already releases and packed a huge feedback from the customers, and Droid Incredible looks better than iPhone 4G.

iPhone 4G’s interesting aspect is that it works on iPhone OS4 platform. This new iPhone operating system makes iPhone 4G different from conventional iPhone 3G or iPhone 3Gs. As per the available iPhone 4G features and specs, it will have some key features like multitasking, 3.2 MP camera, free apps and built-in-flash. Technology wise, Apple iPhone 4G is going have only one noticeable feature, which is multitasking, which is not a new feature or Apple only feature at all.

Verizon HTC Droid Incredible on the other hand is great pack of features, and a great value for money. It’s a complete smart phone with 8 MP camera, Android 2.1 OS, Wi-Fi and full touch screen. Droid Incredible got great camera features which make it a good camera for every situation. The Android 2.1 OS gives users an access to hundreds of applications. Most important of all, the price of Verizon HTC Droid Incredible is affordable.

iPhone 4G stands nowhere in the competition when compared to HTC Droid Incredible. Though it’s too early to comment on iPhone 4G features, the latest feature leaks of iPhone 4G suggests that it’s not much a great mobile and it will be yet another Apple Product which cashes on Apple brand image than its features. iPhone 4G cannot give you full control over your device like HTC Droid Incredible do. iPhone features are limited, and most importantly you don’t have full flowing access your device.

Verizon Droid Incredible price is around $200 from company’s website. If you try out in Amazon, you can find Verizon Droid Incredible at much more lower price.


This is by far one of the worst articles I've seen from a Android fanboy. Listen we all understand you have iPhone envy but at least hit on something relevant like the lack of flash or something.
Posted by KingZope
You are the worst writer ever. I think my 3 month old son has better writing skills than you. And how can you say that the incredible is more affordable when the iphone will most likely have the same $200 price tag, if history is any indication.
Posted by jonathan
u suck
I have an Incredible and I love it... but your piece of writing is just awful!
Posted by doug
How Old are you
This is the most biased review I have ever seen comparing a product with one that is not even out, using speculation and rumours as facts. This article is utterly useless and it seems like it was written by a 7 year old.
Posted by P
Your review is SO BIASED. The phone is not even out. How dare you judge ANYTHING without physical evidence. Apple, one of the most secretive tech companies, has now "lost" 2, maybe 3 iphone models. Is that a coincidence?
Posted by Gabriel