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HTC Desire HD walks up to Romania after 2 months of official launch

HTC Desire took two months to make its way to the Romanian market. After the official launch of the product two months back it took quite some time for the product to enter the Romanian market. The HTC Desire is packed with a HTC Sense experience. This phone is manufacturer’s new flagship of Android smartphone which will be available through Romanian major carriers in the next few days.

HTC Desire HD is the first smartphone that is said to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8255 1GHz processor. It is unlike the previous HTC devices which are powered by QSD8250 1GHz CPU.

HTC Desire comes with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and has a 1.5 GB internal memory and 768 MB RAM. The Desire HD is completely compatible with all services of HTCSense.com portal. HTCSense.com provides the users with the possibility to access archived content in the mobile such as call history from a PC, contacts and text messages. Another amazing feature includes that the phone can be relocated if it is lost or stolen.

The device is forced to ring loudly even at silent mode, or its location can be flagged on a map. This feature of locating the phone through map system was recently introduced with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices and is called “Find my Phone.”

Using the HTCSense.com has helped a lot of users from storing or hiding personal information. They have the facility to copy the information on the phone, erase it or even lock the phone to make it inaccessible for others. The last option which can be executed is to display message with a phone number, to the person who have found the phone can reach the owner as his/ her name and number are on display and later can return it to the owner.

One of the appealing features available on the HTC Desire HD is called HTC Locations. Instant access to maps which were previously loaded on the phone are the reloaded through this feature. HTC claims that its map app is at least as accurate as Google's Maps and that it will continue to be improved.