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HTC Aria with Android 2.1 set for launch on June 7 on AT&T network

US wireless carrier AT&T is expected to launch its first Android based device from HTC Corporation, the HTC Aria. AT&T would join Verizon, Sprint and T-mobiles who are already on the list. According to rumors the phone will be announced till June 7 of this calendar year. The device which is named, HTC Aria will arrive with Android 2.1 OS on board together with HTC Sense user interface and a full slider QWERTY key pad.

Before HTC Aria also, AT&T has been connected with HTC earlier too with the company offering connectivity plans and monthly option for the Nexus One another Android based mobile phone by HTC. The carrier is not new to Android based mobile phones. It has earlier launched Motorola Backflip as its first Android based phone but with a limited extent to which the users can personalize, customize and tweak their devices.

We still are awaiting anything more detailed about the device named HTC Aria. Only a few weeks back the model was mentioned in the news and what we can grab as for now is that it might be an HTC Tilt look- alike working on Android 2.1 and sporting a QWERTY keypad. But one more thing that is interesting to note is the date on which the device launches, June 7, 2010, yes it is the same date when Apple takes over the world platform and be the eyeball of world media while it launches iPhone 4G and kicks off WWDC 2010.

It would be interesting also to see whether AT&T would launch HTC Aria on the same date and would it manage to steal some of the attention of the press and media which will be busy covering Steve Jobs while he shows to the world his new iPhone 4G. The event is wrapped in mystery and till anything official is heard we just need to wait and hope for some more details to come up for the HTC Aria.