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HTC Aria not to support Non-Market apps - AT&T

 HTC had promised an Android phone this year and has released one called the HTC Aria keeping its word. The HTC aria is similar to the HTC Mini in design and runs the Android 2.1 operating system; it is certainly not the most powerful Android devices in the market but is definitely one to look out for. It being boasted as a solid midrange phone that costs about $130 per year and one can get a rebate of $100 if ordered via email.

Though, the HTC Aria smartphone’s design seems to be a little big for the other phones that the company provides but it is not something that can’t be dealt with. The screen supports a good quality HVGA resolution and measures 3.2’’ diagonally.

The screen runs the sense user interface that provides the user with excellent graphics for their home screen. There are a total of seven different panels that can be used to customize your user screen. Although the phone has not issued any word on upgradation of the OS but it seems that an upgrade from the Android2.1 to Froyo will be released for the phone very soon.

The HTC Aria's 5-megapixel camera has a good range of options, including settings for brightness, contrast, saturation, ISO, and effects. However, it doesn't have a flash, so the quality of photos taken indoors is a bit degraded with a duller, dreary effect. The Aria's video quality isn’t bad, though its picture could get a bit blurry during action sequences.

The HTC Aria is supportive of the latest technology for browsing the internet and provides excellent speeds when inside a network. The HTC Aria smartphone does support the Flash player unlike its Apple counterpart the iPhone which does not. The phone comes with a host of software features like inbuilt software support for Google talk, Gmail and YouTube.

However, the phone makers have decided to keep the number of App developers of the phone to a limited number, a policy that is very similar to Apple’s policy. The bet probably has been made because the Android apps can be promoted and distributed in more ways than one. Nevertheless, even after having a small number of developers Apple has been able to create a huge number of apps for the iPhone but will restricting of the HTC Application Universe be able to generate the same, is still a question mark.


Why not non-market apps...??
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