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HTC Aria based on Android 2.1 may be on AT&T network on June 7

Speculations and rumors are coming in from the news agency quarter that AT&T is going to launch on June 7, HTC Aria based Android 2.1 handset with AT&T tariff plans, no official declaration has been made till now, but it is expected to be confirmed soon. However, recently Motorola and HTC has updated their mobile to Android 2.2 five time faster version than the Android 2.1.

AT&T to launch HTC Aria with Android 2.1 operating system, has came as a surprise because Apple is going to have huge conference with developers around the world on the same date, reporters will be confused down the line on what to report first and which will be important or who will overshadow the other?

Well this question remains unanswered, but mobile and wireless networking industry is heating with each passing day. First Android 2.2 exploded the doubts of the users and proud users of iPhone, and more recently companies like Motorola, are lining up to acquire Android 2.2 operating system for their mobile device system.

Now, AT&T has also plunged in hide and seek game, but this time, AT&T going to have setback as most of the speculators and technical experts are evaluating the scenario because Android 2.1 looks really older in front of Android 2.2 which is five time faster than Android 2.1, it also has hotspot wireless communication capabilities, Internet tethering expertise and full support to Adobe flash application.

Nevertheless, AT&T could launch HTC Aria with attractive tariff plans, which could soon turn into hot cake, HTC Aria has also everything special loaded to become eye-candy. HTC Aria have full QWERTY keypad, 3G compatibility technology, Android 2.1 operating system, motion sensing technology, microSD card slot, and mega pixel camera. Only these specifications are known for HTC Aria and recently it has passed FCC later in April.

Now Dell is also planning to update market with Aero. AT&T has tough challenge and competition to meet forward, because its HTC Aria launch could have chances of overshadow. Rest the story will come to climax on June 7, and everything will be known if AT&T has anything surprising to offer or Apple will divert all the attention.