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HP to send 9000 employees to home because of automation

HP, the world’s leading computer makers made yet another announcement on job cuts. This time HP has confirmed that they would be sacking as many as 9,000 posts by 2013. This is because HP has decided to fully automate the commercial data centers which are presently handled manually by over 9,000 employees.

HP plans to invest $1 billion in this automation project, and they are preparing to automate the commercial data centers, applications and management platforms. With this, HP is trying to save a big amount of money every year.

HP has announced that they are working out this project from past 20 months and now there are almost at the edge of completing this task. In the past couple of years HP concentrated more on EDS (Electronic Data Services). With this latest step, HP decided to accelerate the EDS integration and boost the profits in the years to follow.

Apart from this 9000 job cuts, HP plans to recruit another 6,000 workers for different sections of the company. At present HP have around 300,000 workforce and this automation can cut more and more jobs in days to come.

HP has announced job cuts in the past, and this is the biggest in the recent times. HP announced job cuts in 2009, 2008, 2005 and 2002. Due to the EDS and automation of commercial data centers, more and more jobs were cut over these years.

HP think tanks are concentrated more on EDS, automation and cloud computing. They feel these things would rule the computer world in next 10 years or so. To keep up with the latest technologies and trends, HP is already posing challenges to its competitors around.

So far the announced job cuts are 9,000 and these cuts will be predominantly in the area of commercial data centers.