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HP Swing Motion Sensing Console in India at price Rs. 29,990

HP Swing Motion Sensing Console price in India

Helwett Packard India (HP) has become the latest entrants to launch high end gaming console in the fast growing gaming business. Already the online gaming industry has powerful gaming tools from Sony as PlayStation 3, Microsoft with Xbox 360 and Wii FROM Nintendo. Set at price Rs. 29,990 HP swing Motion Sensing Console has been launched in India along with Pavillion PC. HP Swing is yet to enter in market as stand alone product.

With limited details about HP swing available, yet it looks quite stylish and user friendly. The bean shaped console is available in combination of black and light grey color. The HP gaming tool has all top class games to enjoy with including both indoors and outdoor games, individual and team games. The games can be played with friend and family members together. some of the games available are pool, bowling, lawn tennis and basketball etc.

The latest gaming console HP Swing has all it takes to take gaming experience on PC to a new heights. The gadget will help HP compete against other existing players and new gadgets like iPad which are having special feature to play online games.

HP Swing Motion Sensing Console is expected to provide real thrilling experience to users. The tool will get directions from overall body movement of the user, making the experience of playing the game holistic. This is in contrast to other consoles where player play by pressing given set of buttons. The HP Swing comes with a 4GB data card to save files while playing the game.