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HP Slate the leaked specifications and features and comparison with iPad

The heat is on with HP Slate and Apple’s iPad coming up as two strong contenders in the PC tablet market. Few days back HP released a snazzy video of 30 seconds which was much a show-off thing for the Slate.

The contents of the video were HP’s blow by blow comparison of Slate with the much talked about iPad. The intentions were clear that with the video which was later released by Engadget, HP wanted to clear the hype around the iPad not only for the customers but for its employees as well. The company wants to position its product, the Slate as an iPad killer.

The screen shot clearly mentioned the features the Slate enjoys over the iPad. But before we say any thing further remember that HP is yet to come up with the release date of the Slate and a detailed specifications and features of the most talked about device, the Slate. The leaked marketing sheet as revealed by Engadget highlighted the key features which Slate appears to have and which are going to give it a definite advantage over the iPad.

Now to dig deeper into the features that HP is been raving about in its document, the first and most killer feature is its camera. The Slate has not one but two cameras with it. A front facing VGA camera for video conferencing and a 3MP lens in the back. iPad need to worry on this as it does not come with a camera.

Next in the line are a single USB 2.0 port and an SD card reader for the optional 3G modem which the Slate by HP boasts of having. The HP comes with HDMI out video capabilities with 1080p playback that can be attached via its Dock connector. It also boats of a huge 8.9 inch 1024 x 600 capacitive multi touch display. The spec sheet however did not mention anything about the Flash support precisely but HP has made it clear previously that Slate will come with an Abode Flash and ‘you will be able to view Flash videos’ on the slate.

The Slate runs on 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor. The biggest selling point that the Slate might enjoy over iPad is its Windows 7 Home Premium touch optimized version that means it has a touch optimized UI to help you navigate with your fingertips and also makes it good for multi tasking, though Apple may be incorporating multi tasking very soon to its iPad.

But apart from the pluses, the document revealed certain fear facts that HP Slate has labeled as ‘threats’ in the document. And among the possible threat is the sad battery life of 5 hours as against a 10 hour by the iPad. Also is the absence of the latest official Wi-Fi standard in the Slate that iPad proudly has and no to forget the price tag, which is going to be the decisive factor. The Slate 16 GB is priced at $549 as against the iPad which is priced at $499 for the 16 GB version.

The leaked marketing sheet is not an official document by HP so there is always room for some changes here and there, but till then the fact is that the iPad has a competitor for sure.