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HP Slate may be at price USD 546, lower than iPad and better specifications

HP Slate price in India

Hewlett-Packard has shown Apple how Slate by HP gains an advantage over iPad which has no Flash Player. HP has announced its tablet Slate that will support Flash Player unlike its long-time rival Apple.

HP officials said that the company would have developed the tablet a couple of years back, but it would have then cost approximately $1,500. But since then a remarkable development in chips, battery life, screen, weight and size has happened.

Hewlett-Packard is all geared to give a tough competition to Apple-iPad by launching its latest device called HP Slate. For quite some time now the gadget has been in wraps but now HP has unveiled its Slate which is the new tablet rumored to be priced around $546, yes you got that right, it is much lower than Apple iPad.

Slate is seen as a threat to iPad. Phil McKinney, vice president and chief technology officer of HP wrote on company’s bog, “With the Slate, you’re getting a full web browsing experience in the palm of your hand.”

Though nothing as per the price and full features and specification has been officially announced by the company but there are strong speculations that the device will touch the US market in the month of June this year.

HP Slate could come with Windows 7 Intel Atom processor, a memory card reader, one USB port and a camera at its back. HP Slate promises to give multi touch browsing of Web pages, newspaper sites and maps. HP plans to launch Slate as a powerful media device where the users can watch movies, read magazines and listen to music. HP Slate is here to offer many features and specification that an iPad wont.

With HP’s announcement of Slate the analysts believe that there are more tablets coming to hit the market soon from other companies as tablet will continue to be the most favorite and ideal device for web browsing, viewing and sharing photos and videos, mail checking and e-reading.