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HP Dream Screen: computing device for learners, HP Dream Screen features

HP Dream Screen Price in India

HP with its latest dream screen is the latest desktop but they are not calling it a PC but a computing device because it is “an internet-enabled home computing and media consumption device for the technologically disinclined.”

HP’s dream screen was specially designed for the Indian market as they were made keeping those people in mind who were not computer savvy and who shy away from technologies. It is called Dream screen for a reason because it is a touch screen model which is nothing like a desktop and has no extra wires.


The Dream screen has an elegant look to it and a stand which could be used to change angles of the screen. There are 4 USB ports and a wired optical mouse, a DVD ROM drive, webcam, Wi-Fi, sensitive touch screen a unique feature known as the interface which is icon based.

Linux is the operating system for HP’s Dream screen and once u boot it up it asks you to create a password protected account. The device is quite simple and hassle free and is definitely made for people who do have problems with technology.

Nothing is perfect and so in the same way this HP Dream Screen has few problems like since it is not a proper PC so the functionality is limited to the HP providers. One cannot install as many or as varied software as one likes in this device contrary to the Windows PC users. Video playback is also restricted and the video with only 480p definition can be played.

There is another setback that since it has an operating system of customized Linux any peripheral might not work. In other words a learner who wants to learn to handle a OC can make use of this Dream Screen as for normal PC users it would be a limitation.

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dream screen]
Right now I am gathering the money to purchase this outstanding dream screen] it will definitely be much more convenient than the usual monitor and lots af gadgets installed
Posted by Iryna T.
dream screen
Well, I am absolutely sure that I would now sleep and have a dream about this dream screen of HP design. Just some years ago those large monitors seemed to be the greatest achievement. And what do we see today? SImply and outstanding UFO-like staff)
Posted by Iryna T.
This is amazing device, i wished to buy, but it drawbacks are force me to go with notebook rather than this one, if this device is support window then this can create demand in place of desktop surely...
Posted by Kaps
Dream Screen
Itz an excellent device..!
Posted by paul
HP Dream Screen 400
Any Idea if we can load Windows XP, Vista or 7 on this machine. They processor, RAM and hard disk is not mentioned any where. Can someone throw some light on this please. Much obliged in advance. Cheers !!
Posted by Sanjay Chauhan