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HCL U1 Tablet Price in India, HCL U1 Tablet Features 4GB internal memory

HCL U1 Tablet Price in India

Well known for HCL ME series of tablets, HCL Technologies has launched HCL U1 Tablet in India at very low price. HCL U1 Tablet price in India for online stores is Rs. 7,499 only. Though it is meant for educational purposes, HCL U1 Tablet price and features are well comparable with high end tablets in India. HCL U1 Tablet features 4GB internal memory and 1GHz processor which surely will give top notch performance even for heavy applications.

HCL U1 Tablet launch in India was officially announced and is available at HCL ME stores where interested customers can buy online.

HCL U1 Tablet Features

HCL U1 Tablet price and features makes it a formidable tab in Indian market. HCL U1 Tablet features latest operating system Android 4 which provide safe and smooth working on different applications. Also it has 4GB of expandable memory which can be used to stores files and documents of even more than one year. Even heavy files like games and videos can be easily stored without need to delete older one. HCL U1 Tablet features 7" screen which has capacitive quality.

HCL U1 Tablet Specifications

HCL U1 Tablet specifications include connectivity on 3G which will provide high speed download of games and useful data from internet. Also it has Wi-Fi which will provide wireless access to internet especially when you are away from your home. HCL U1 Tablet has 17 different applications which will serve most of the needs of its customers whether it is for searching job, playing games or networking on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and others.

HCL U1 Tablet Competition

HCL U1 Tablet price at Rs. 7,499 makes it good competitor for Aakash 2 tablet price in India at Rs. 2,999 and BSNL Tablet price at Rs. 3,250. One shall always keep in mind the level of features HCL U1 Tablet while comparing it with other tablets in India.