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HCL ME Series 40 Notebook price in India, HCL ME Series price and features

HCL ME Series 40 Notebook Price

New HCL ME Series 40 Notebook sets trends for Eco friendly IT products in India and Worldwide. The Eco friendly products have great appeal to people who are environmental conscious. The only unfavorable aspect of New HCL ME Series 40 Notebook or any other Eco friendly product is that they are at little higher price that other products with similar specifications.

HCL ME Series 40 notebook has been another feather in the cap of the IT major HCL in their quest to promote Green IT initiative. HCL ME Series 40 priced at Rs 41,500 is going to hold a special appeal to all environmentalist and supporters of go green initiative  as they get all the high end laptop features of a laptop without adding any hazard to the environment. Read on to get more information on HCL ME Series 40 notebook features and HCL ME Series 40 notebook specifications.

HCL technology has always been a pioneer in the field of green revolution in IT and its new product is the testimony to that initiative. Speaking at the launch George Paul, VP, HCL Infosystem said “HCL ME Series 40 is just another step towards a greenrevolution in the IT hardware industry”

The new ME 40 machine comes with a recyclable body that has been developed without using any harmful chemicals and 0% PVC which makes it easier for you to recycle this laptop and move on to a high end machine without causing any damage to the environment.  ME 40 notebook features include a 15.4” TFT with 1250x840 screen resolution, 4 USB ports, 1.3 megapix inbuilt webcam and is made available with the licensed copy of much talked about Windows 7.

HCL ME 40 specifications include a powerful intel core 2 duo processor along with a DD2 4GB RAM which makes it suitable for running high tech video games and applications that requires more memory and fast processing speed.  The device also comes with about 300 GB hard disc making it possible for you to literally carry your world wherever you travel. With a battery time of almost 5 hours and inbuilt Bluetooth application HCL ME Series 40 notebook is ideal for persons that are constantly on move

HCL ME series 40 notebooks have been totally mesmerizing to “ME” with ME 40 features like “encrypt me” that allows the user to encode their data to provide it with added security. You can also breathe a sigh of relief by using the “LOCK ME” feature for complete protection of data against theft as it stops the intruder from transferring the data into any external device. You can use the “secure me” ME 40 features to make all the applications and software loaded in your system more secure.

HCL ME also makes it simpler for its user to share large chunk of data with your colleagues and friend by splitting one big file into smaller size slots for easy transfer using the “Split me” ME 40 feature”. You no longer have to spend sleepless nights thinking about the data backup and recovery all thanks to the “One touch “ support features that makes it possible for the user to take efficient backup and also assist in quicker data recovery.

HCL ME series 40 is an extension of HCL ME 45 products which contained slight PVC components. With a price tag of 41,500 only the time will tell whether people would be tempted to invest in this product that promotes green computing.

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Very Good
I am having HCL ME series of Laptop. I am happy with it
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good perfarmance of laptop .it is very usefull and no harmfull
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