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Google to expand Android software in China, India through cheaper mobiles

Google is now focusing on the Asian market, mostly the Chinese and the Indian, to expand the sales of its Android software and aims to stay ahead of competition with Nokia and Apple. According to Bloomberg Business Week, Google is trying to attract programmers’ attention to its Android system by putting the Android OS in cheaper mobile phones produced by LG Electronics and Huawei Technologies in parts of Europe and Asia. This is in fact Google’s marketing strategy to use the software in handheld devices as a way to sell more advertising.

Huawei is one of the biggest makers of wireless equipment for carriers in China. The company has already unveiled 4 Android phones and Android based tablets in February. Google is helping Huawei in China and LG in South Korea to offer cheaper Android based smartphones.

Android opens up new opportunities to sell advertising which is seen as Google’s main source of revenue. Google faces tough competition from Apple’s mobile apps and is taking giant steps to rev up the growth of Android. The company has targeted new markets and sees a growth potential in countries such as South Korea where the number of users activating Android devices rose from 1,00,000 a day in May to 1,60,000 a day in June.

Google also aims to become world’s second most popular mobile operating system leaving behind Nokia’s Symbian and be in direct competition with Apple’s iOS by the year 2012. Google also seems to adopt Apple’s strategy to provide ways for its consumers to purchase new game levels, virtual weapons and monthly subscription to digital magazines. Andy Rubin, VP Engineering, Google, informed that Google is also increasing incentives for app developers. The company is exploring better ways to let its programmers make more money from their software. For instance, it plans to make it easier to accept payments within apps or sell subscription.

While speaking about Google’s plans to penetrate the cheaper Android based smartphones in China and India, Rubin said, “The down-market opportunity is about to happen. It is actually quite revolutionary.”