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Google to enter Mobile Phone Industry with Smartphone Google Nexus One

They are the giants and boom whatever market they enter into! Search engine giant Google is all set to launch its smart phone called Nexus One within a couple of days. With new launch of smart phone by Google, this could be a New Year bonanza to all the gadget lovers.

Google Nexus One, the smart phone will use latest Anrdoid 2.1 operating system to power the device letting all other cellular handheld phones behind. Though not officially announced, Google Nexus One is likely to come with 3.7” Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) touch screen with bright display.  It would probably be the first smart phone by Google that would not require any backlight to function.

As known by some reliable sources, Google is to hit market cellular phone market with its powerful smart phone Nexus One by adding more features and unique compatibilities. The Nexus One would be GSM smart phone with 5 MP camera and also WI-FI connectivity. The best part of Nexus One, new smart phone to be launched by Google is it may not come with lock as to give freedom to its user about switching to other carriers.

New launch mobile phone by Google – Nexus One is possibly a threat to other smart phones such as iPhone by Apple. The gadget gurus are expecting Google Nexus One smart phone launch in coming month of January 2010. It is also said that all new Google smart phone Nexus One would compete iPhones in features like internet browsing as well as video game playing.