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Google and Samsung to launch Nexus Two on Nov 8- rumor

For quite some time now we have been hearing rumors about the launch of Nexus Two, the successor of Google’s Nexus One smartphone. But time and again Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been denying the rumor, saying there is no Nexus Two up its sleeves. But Nexus Two is anticipated to hit within a fortnight, according to fresh set of rumors and insiders who revealed Google’s plan to launch Nexus Two together with Samsung.

If rumors are to be believed the Nexus Two will be the first device to ship with stock Gingerbread, the latest version of Android platform. Google and Samsung are expected to make announcements about the device with the most modern Android at a press conference on November 8 in New York City.

Invites were sent by Samsung Mobiles to select press members to inform them about the new Android device but no details were furnished abut the same. But we can anticipate that the upcoming device will most definitely be the Nexus Two based on the timing of the press release.

The expectation is seconded by a giant Gingerbread man that is placed by Google in their front lawn to signal that the latest Android update has been completed by it and an official announcement can be expected anytime soon. The new Samsung phone, Nexus Two is up for a holiday launch and it is most possible that Samsung is entering into tie-ups with major carriers in the US.

Samsung also postponed its press conference which was scheduled to take place earlier this month which also confirms our expectation that the mobile manufacturer might just be waiting for the latest Android update to get completed by Google.

Though we do not have much to say about the features and specifications of the Nexus Two but we can expect that it is apparently made from black glossy plastic and feels similar to the Galaxy S by Samsung. It might come with a 4-inch super AMOLED display and a concave front panel. What we can confirm you right now regarding the specs is its front facing camera and latest Android version.


google and Samsung join force sure this Nexus two gonna be Super mobile of the century.
Posted by Mitchy
Google and Samsung to launch Nexus Two on Nov 8- rumor
that will be a surprise..lets wait and see
Posted by Mitchy